The Future of Front Porch Commons

Dear friends,

This summer, we launched Front Porch Commons as a shared space for the independent publishing community to gather and chat. We’ve been thrilled to see so many of you come to the Porch to reflect on the writing we love to read and the work that puts it into the world. Independent publishing’s strength has always been its commitment to hearing from all voices—and we have been so glad to hear from you.

This said, we think there may be better ways still for us to have this conversation. Our plan is to put the project aside for now and explore other ways to generate lively, productive discussion around what we all so love. The conversation begun by the Commons will continue in part in CLMP’s Fresh Pressed newsletter, which will relaunch in the next weeks. We will keep you posted on other new projects. Our mission at CLMP remains, above all, to be of service. We are eager to apply what we’ve learned from the Commons to our next endeavors, and to continue to grow in usefulness to you, our community.

Do visit us at www.clmp.org for more about what we’re up to.

Thanks once more for your support . It’s been a privilege to share the Porch with you.

Yours truly,

Emma Komlos-Hrobsky
Editor, Front Porch Commons

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